JNA with actress Sakura Ando and interpreter Marie Iida at Asleep Q&A during JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film, July 16, 2015, photo by Mike Nogami

Upcoming + Past Programs

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (August 20-September 2, 2021)
Japan Society, New York. Hybrid: online and in-person. 27 feature films, 12 shorts. Press release.

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 17-30, 2020)
Japan Society, New York. Online. 31 feature films, 12 shorts. Press release
“It’s the best opportunity for American film lovers to get an unparalleled peek into the singular world of Japanese cinema.” –The Wall Street Journal
“JAPAN CUTS has unambiguously become America’s best annual showcase of new Japanese film […] a comprehensive snapshot of the country’s ever-vital national cinema.” –IndieWire
“Characteristically rich, forward-thinking film programming.” –

So Pretty (2019) with director Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli” (December 9, 2019) 
Purchase College, SUNY. 1 feature film, 1 visiting filmmaker with class visit.

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 19-28, 2019)
Japan Society, New York. 26 feature films, 16 shorts, 22 guests. Press release
“JAPAN CUTS has established itself as the definitive Japanese film festival in the United States, thanks to the scope of its programming.” –Slant Magazine 
“North America’s premier program of contemporary Japanese cinema.” –MUBI Notebook 
“A staple in the sea of summer cinematic offerings.” –The Film Stage 
“Offers a deep dive into one of the world’s most vital film cultures with a diverse selection.” –NYC-ARTS

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 19-29, 2018)
Japan Society, New York. 28 feature films, 9 shorts, 21 guests. Press release.
“Boasts a slate as diverse as that of any international festival.” –The Village Voice
“JAPAN CUTS has grown into an annual institution” […] “a fixture of the city’s film scene.” –IndieWire
“Over the years, Japan Society has cultivated a devoted cinephile audience” […] “This might be one of the best programs Japan Society has put together to date; I can’t recommend it highly enough.” –
“Offers a consistently strong, varied program with films New Yorkers cannot see anywhere else.” –Film Journal International
“One of the city’s most impressive annual festivals.” –Screen Slate

“Documentary Attunements,” On Film screening series (February 19, 2018)
University of Rochester. 1 feature film, 1 guest lecture.

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 13-23, 2017)
Japan Society, New York. 28 feature films, 6 shorts, 10 guests. Press release.
“Meticulously curated” […] “An annual highlight of New York’s film calendar.” –The New York Times
“This is the wildest annual NYC film festival, which reflects the Japan Society’s commitment to the rollicking, no-holds-barred nature of the country’s film culture.” –New York Magazine
“More than just the biggest North American festival of Japanese film, it’s an expansive glimpse into Japan’s national consciousness.” –Observer

“Immigration and Displacement,” On Film screening series (April 17, 2017)
University of Rochester. 1 feature film, 1 short, 1 guest.

“Queer Longings: Narratives of Desire,” On Film screening series (November 29, 2016)
University of Rochester. 1 feature film, 1 short, 1 guest.

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 14-24, 2016)
Japan Society, New York. 29 feature films, 41 shorts, 23 guests. Press release.
“North America’s largest festival of new Japanese cinema, and pound-for-pound one of the most consistently rewarding film festivals on the planet, Japan Cuts grows more vital with every passing year.” […] “One of the city’s major annual events.” –IndieWire
“Celebrated for its high standards and its eclectic slate.” –Film Journal International
“The festival’s line-up has only become bolder.” –

“Voicing on Film,” On Film screening series (February 18, 2016)
University of Rochester. 6 short films.

“Films Made in Kasama and Fukushima” (November 16, 2015)
University of Rochester. 1 feature film, 1 short, 1 visiting filmmaker with class visit.

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 9-19, 2015)
Japan Society, New York. 28 feature films, 29 shorts, 16 guests. Press release.
“No other film showcase on Earth can compete with its culture-specific authority—or the quality of its titles.” “their most provocative [edition] to date.” “a peerlessly insightful look at the current state of Japanese cinema” –Time Out New York
[A] “cinematic cornucopia” “interest clearly lies with the idiosyncratic, the eccentric, the experimental and the weird, a taste that Japan rewards as richly as any country, even the United States.” –The New York Times
“Stands apart from film festivals that pander to contemporary trends, encouraging attendees to revisit the past through an eclectic slate of both new and repertory titles.” –The Village Voice

“Godina & Marc on Film, Presented by Jurij Meden,” On Film screening series (March 30, 2015)
University of Rochester. 5 short films, 1 guest.

“Andy Warhol’s Sexy Silent Films, Presented by Douglas Crimp,” On Film screening series (November 6, 2014)
University of Rochester. 5 short films, 1 guest lecture.

JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film (July 10-20, 2014)
Japan Society, New York. 28 feature films, 8 guests. Press release.

“Layers/Earths,” On Film screening series (April 3 & 10, 2014)
University of Rochester. 3 feature films, 7 shorts, 1 guest.

“Waiting/Action,” On Film screening series (March 27 & 29, 2013)
University of Rochester. 2 feature films, 4 shorts.

JNA with director Jessie Jeffrey Dunn Rovinelli following screening of So Pretty (2019) at Purchase College, SUNY, December 9, 2019, photo by Rachel Fabian

Event Documentation

2021.8.30: Shorts Showcase directors discussion moderation with Anshul Chauhan, Masami Kawai, and Mayu Nakamura at JAPAN CUTS
2020.7.30: Kontora Q&A moderation with Anshul Chauhan at JAPAN CUTS
2020.7.23: Fukushima 50 Q&A moderation with Koichi Sato and Ken Watanabe at JAPAN CUTS
2019.7.28: Blue Hour Q&A moderation with Yuko Hakota, Kaho, and Eun-kyung Shim at JAPAN CUTS
2019.7.28: NIGHT CRUISING Q&A moderation with Makoto Sasaki, Miyuki Tanaka, and Hideyuki Kato at JAPAN CUTS 
2019.7.27: The Miracle of Crybaby Shottan Q&A moderation with Toshiaki Toyoda at JAPAN CUTS 
2019.7.23: His Lost Name Q&A moderation with Nanako Hirose at JAPAN CUTS 
2019.7.21: The Kamagasaki Cauldron War Q&A moderation with Yota Kawase at JAPAN CUTS 
2019.7.21: A Step Forward Q&A moderation with Atsushi Kasezawa at JAPAN CUTS 
2019.7.20: Being Natural Q&A moderation with Tadashi Nagayama, Yota Kawase, and Natsuki Mieda at JAPAN CUTS 
2018.7.29: Amiko Q&A moderation with Yoko Yamanaka at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.27: Still Walking Q&A moderation with Kirin Kiki at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.27: Experimental Spotlight: “Empty Orchestras and the Speed of Your Voice” Q&A moderation with Nao Yoshigai, Yohei Suzuki, Elisa Yanagi, and Tomona Hirota at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.26: Mori, The Artist’s Habitat Q&A moderation with Kirin Kiki at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.22: Toward a Common Tenderness Q&A moderation with Kaori Oda at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.21: Dream of Illumination Q&A moderation with Thunder Sawada, Yuya Takagawa, and Kazuyuki Kitaki at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.20: blank 13 Q&A moderation with Takumi Saitoh at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.20: Of Love & Law Q&A moderation with Hikaru Toda at JAPAN CUTS
2018.7.19: Ramen Shop Q&A moderation with Eric Khoo and Takumi Saitoh at JAPAN CUTS
2017.7.22: Yamato (California) Q&A moderation with Daisuke Miyazaki and Hanae Kan at JAPAN CUTS
2017.7.22: West North West Q&A moderation with Hanae Kan and Sahel Rosa at JAPAN CUTS
2017.7.16: Haruneko Q&A moderation with Sora Hokimoto at JAPAN CUTS
2017.7.16: Love and Goodbye and Hawaii Q&A moderation with Shingo Matsumura at JAPAN CUTS
2017.7.15: A Whale of a Tale Q&A moderation with Megumi Sasaki at JAPAN CUTS
2017.7.13: MUMON: The Land of Stealth Q&A moderation with Yoshihiro Nakamura at JAPAN CUTS
2016.7.24: The Actor Q&A moderation with Satoko Yokohama at JAPAN CUTS
2016.7.24: Emi-Abi Q&A moderation with Kensaku Watanabe at JAPAN CUTS
2016.7.22: Being Good Q&A moderation with Mipo O at JAPAN CUTS
2016.7.14: Mohican Comes Home Q&A moderation with Shuichi Okita and Atsuko Maeda at JAPAN CUTS
2016.7.13: JAPAN CUTS 2016 Programmer’s Guide video essay
2015.7.19: Sanchu Uprising: Voices at Dawn Q&A moderation with Juichiro Yamasaki and Hirotaka Kuwahara at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.18: This Country’s Sky Q&A moderation with Haruhiko Arai, Youki Kudoh, and Akira Morishige at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.18: Undulant Fever Q&A moderation with Haruhiko Arai at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.17: The Voice of Water Q&A moderation with Masashi Yamamoto at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.16: 100 Yen Love award ceremony and Q&A moderation with Sakura Ando at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.16: Asleep Q&A moderation with Sakura Ando at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.15: What Are You Afraid Of? Q&A moderation with Hisako Matsui at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.11: Out of My Hand Q&A moderation with Takeshi Fukunaga, Donari Braxton, and Bishop Blay at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.10: Round Trip Heart Q&A moderation with Yuki Tanada at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.9: HIBI ROCK Q&A moderation with Yu Irie at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.9: JOKER GAME Q&A moderation with Yu Irie at JAPAN CUTS
2015.7.2: JAPAN CUTS 2015 Festival Guide video essay
2014.7.20: The Tale of Iya Q&A  moderation with Tetsuichiro Tsuta at JAPAN CUTS
2014.7.19: Neko Samurai Q&A  moderation with Kazuki Kitamura at JAPAN CUTS
2014.7.19: Man from Reno Q&A moderation with Dave Boyle and Kazuki Kitamura at JAPAN CUTS
2014.7.17: 0.5mm Q&A moderation with Momoko Ando at JAPAN CUTS
2014.7.13: Uzumasa Limelight Q&A moderation with Ken Ochiai, Chihiro Yamamoto, and Ko Mori at JAPAN CUTS
2014.7.10: Video essay on Momoko Ando’s 0.5mm at JAPAN CUTS

JNA with actress Kirin Kiki and fellow programmer Aiko Masubuchi during JAPAN CUTS: Festival of New Japanese Film, July 26, 2018, photo by Ayumi Sakamoto