2009, Invert the Vessel (featurette), writer, director, editor, production designer

2008, Man Alive (featurette), writer, director, editor, production designer


2006, MILEAGE (short), writer, director, DP, editor

2005-2009, Conservatory shorts (20+), writer, director, DP, editor

2003-2004, Concord, MA work (Three Squares and GhostWritten shorts), writer, director, DP, editor

Video Essays

“Hara Double at the Brattle.” “Film Festivals: Aftermaths and Beyond,” guest-edited by Dîna Iordanova, Frames Cinema Journal 13 (May 2018).

Installation + Non-Theatrical

2010, “Cherries” (concert projection), part of the Film for Music series, presented as visual accompaniment to a performance by Asobi Seksu at Japan Society’s first annual j-CATION event, New York

2008, “stations” (sound installation), 2008 Purchase College Experimental Workshop Showcase